What do we do at Neurospace?

Our focus is on providing rehabilitation to meet the needs of people with diagnosis of damage to neurological or sensory systems, or those with other complex rehabilitation conditions. The therapy we offer at Neurospace is particularly targeted at long-standing and difficult problems.

We pride ourselves on being able to help almost anyone with movement difficulties and we place emphasis on you gaining quality of life and meaning from our therapy.

Using focused movement training, the use of tailored equipment and modifications to your environment, Neurospace can support you to achieve your goals and maximise your ability to participate in life’s activities.

Our team of therapists includes physiotherapists, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, massage therapists, exercise physiologists and therapy assistants . We aim to provide you with comprehensive and personally tailored treatment.

We also offer a range of programs including groups on land and in water to further extend our capacity to help you. 


Why Neurospace?

At Neurospace, we offer more than just physiotherapy. We are a multidisciplinary neurological practice that offers traditional physiotherapy services as well as exercise physiology, occupational therapy, speech pathology, hydrotherapy and laser treatments. We also offer home visits.

Neurospace specialises in helping people with movement problems due to damage to the nervous and/or sensory systems. This includes movement problems due to stroke, traumatic brain injury, dizziness or vestibular problems, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, recovery from neurosurgery, peripheral neuropathies, muscular dystrophies, Cerebral Palsy, spinal cord injury, motor neurone disease, falls and unsteadiness. We also have a special interest in treating older people, children and training carers.

We are able to facilitate your involvement in your local community by liaising with other organisations, including gyms to assist this process. Established in April 2008, Neurospace has grown significantly and is now located at 10 Colbee Court Phillip.

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