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Walking faster is better for your health 900 600 Neurospace

Walking faster is better for your health

Everyone is always telling Deb to “slow down!”, but maybe she is just trying to live a little longer. A new study has found those who report faster walking have lower risk of premature death. Compared to slow walkers, average pace walkers had a 20% lower risk of early death from any cause, and a 24%…

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Knee pain? Surgery vs conservative management 982 600 Neurospace

Knee pain? Surgery vs conservative management

Recent media attention has given a lot of credence to exercise to minimise the need for surgery with exercise. This is not new information in the physiotherapy world and we have known the benefits of the right exercises for a long time and also the problems created with the wrong exercises. The important emphasis in…

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We need help! 600 600 Neurospace

We need help!

I had with me today a youngish couple, and they needed help. Bruce started having balance issues two years ago, till he gradually stopped walking freely and started using a walking frame. In February he received a diagnosis of Cerebellar ataxia. Bruce is only 49 years old and has stopped work due to increasing difficulties.…

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Great results from laser therapy in hand osteoarthritis – reducing pain and improving function 1024 768 Neurospace

Great results from laser therapy in hand osteoarthritis – reducing pain and improving function

Coralie is a craft enthusiastic, particularly enjoying beading work. She had heard about the Gigalaser and wanted to try out for the arthritic pain in her hands. On assessment the hands did show typical osteoarthritis changes with extensive swelling through the small joints of the hand , deformity with joint angle changes and loss of…

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Where’s your walking stick? 600 600 Neurospace

Where’s your walking stick?

When I saw Gwen this week she was commenting on how she is feeling so much more confident on her feet, that she keeps going out without her walking stick.  And people are noticing. Gwen saw us initially for dizziness which was found to be a mixture of things including BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positioning Vertigo,…

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GigaLaser off to a great start! 600 600 Neurospace

GigaLaser off to a great start!

Deborah loves hew new GigaLaser and is finding really interesting results with our neurological, musculoskeletal and vestibular clients. The GigaLaser came all the way from Denmark, where they have been developing this technology since 1982 (before some of our therapists were even born!). Here is a great success story from our friends in Denmark. If…

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Physician heal thy self 1020 600 Neurospace

Physician heal thy self

I recently sustained two injuries and unintentionally managed them entirely differently and have been amazed at the results. The first was my index finger in the car door.  I stopped the jamming in time to not crush the finger, but enough damage to bruise the bone and give a bit of swelling.  I ignored it…

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Neurospace and the NDIS 1024 712 Neurospace

Neurospace and the NDIS

Neurospace started in 2008, well before NDIS was happening.  We have gradually grown to be a team of over 20 people.  The team includes a diverse range of skills and people that enjoy working together to get the best outcome for all.  Most of our clients would work with at least 2 or more team…

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