Camino for a Cure: Trek for Parkinson’s 2018

Camino for a Cure: Trek for Parkinson’s 2018 600 600 Neurospace

One of our Neurospace regulars, Jeff, is trekking in Spain to raise funds and awareness for Parkinson’s Disease. We are little envious that we all can’t join him, but the best we can do is get behind him and help gather as much support as we can. We hope you are inspired as much as we are!

We are all aware that further research is our best hope for finding a way to delay, stop and cure Parkinson’s Disease (PD). But in the meantime, there is no reason those of us with PD can’t have an adventure.

So, I recently signed up to Shake It Up Australia Foundation’s Camino for a Cure challenge.  This September I am travelling to Spain to raise funds for PD research by walking the last 111km of the Camino, from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela. 

I am seeking your support to raise donations for PD research and to offer you the opportunity to walk the Camino with me. 

My fund raising target is $6,000. Any amount you can give will make a difference. If you or your friends are able to make a tax deductible donation please go to: ( or search for grassrootz & Jeff & Camino)

You are welcome to like my Facebook page to follow my preparations and where I hope to post daily trip photos. (

You can also support me by encouraging others to get involved.  If you have any family, friends or community groups who may be interested in supporting PD research I would appreciate if you shared this message widely.

Thank you for your friendship and support — it means a lot to me.  Muchas gracias