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Core Essentials

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Core Essentials: Our new exercise group

Core Essentials takes you back to the basics of control with small movements that have a big effect.

coreMany neurological conditions, chronic illness and pain cause loss of strength and changes in movement patterns, which causes further weakness and stiffness.  You’ll be aware of a changing shape, slowing of movement, difficulty with bladder control, reluctance to walk in unfamiliar places, and reduced involvement in everyday activities.  – You need to reverse the cycle!

The ‘core’ muscles are those in your pelvic floor, abdomen and low back.  They are an essential base to moving well. Specific core exercise training can help you break the cycle of weakness.  The stronger you get, the more active you can be, and enjoy life.

Core Essentials offers you the opportunity to learn to:

  • Switch on the correct muscles with right amount of force at the correct time;
  • Switch off the wrong muscles that have stepped in to ‘help’;
  • Activate the sensory system in your whole body.

Core Essentials Group work enables:

  • Practice and progression of techniques learnt in individual exercise lessons
  • Development of correct movement behaviour to integrate into everyday activities
  • Becoming stronger and more flexible for a life time effect.

Neurospace offers Core Essential Group work twice a week.  The groups are independent to each other but set up so you can join either one or both.  The exercise groups have a maximum of 3 participants to 1 therapist enable close attention to your individual needs.  They use movements with and without equipment.  Equipment includes mats, stools, elastic bands, dumb-bells, and balls.

Where:  Neurospace Phillip – 10-12 Colbee Court

When:  Mondays @ 12:15pm

    Wednesday @ 11:15am


Cost:   $60/person per session.  Pay for 10 sessions at start and pay only $550.

Call 02 6162 0450 to book your place today.