Core Essentials

Core Essentials takes you back to the basics of control with small movements that have a big effect.

Many neurological conditions, chronic illness and pain cause loss of strength and changes in movement patterns, which causes further weakness and stiffness.  Core essentials is a clinical exercise class that uses current evidence and techniques to help you strengthen your core muscles and improve your movement patterns.

Core essentials class is designed to:

  • Practice and progress of techniques and exercises to improve trunk stability and strength in your core, hips, lower back, and pelvic floor
  • Improve coordination, proprioception and balance
  • Improve strength and mobility and correct imbalances in muscle strength
  • Develop correct movement strategies to integrate into other activities

Prior to beginning in the core essentials class, you will have an individualised assessment with your therapist to work out a plan to achieve your individual goals.  The exercise groups have a maximum of 4 participants to 1 therapist enable close attention to your individual needs.  You will perform movements with and without equipment.  Equipment includes mats, resistance bands, dumbbells, gym balls, foam rollers, reformer and machine-based strength and cardio equipment.

Neurospace offers Core Essential Group work twice a week.

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