Football in Canberra

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Canberra has a newly developed CP Football Program, and aiming to have an ACT team to go to the National Championships held each year in Sydney (around the end of October).  In the last two years we have had in include players from SA and NSW to make up an ACT team.  Capital Football are supporting the program. At the moment there are fully developed programs and squads from QLD, NSW, VIC and WA.  Programs are being developed in SA and ACT.

PLAYERS WANTED – ACT CP Football program. Opportunity to develop your football skills (soccer), meet new people and be part of the ACT representative team. CP Football is for people with cerebral palsy, acquired brain injury or symptoms resulting from a stroke. All ages and experience welcome. For more information visit…/football-connect/

Contact Capital Football for more information or Kathleen Moorby.

On a similar note, it has just been announced that the recently produced Pararoos documentary will be played here in Canberra on Monday 9th July at Palace Electric at 6:30pm ($20 per ticket).  This movie has been made by film maker Tom Ferguson to raise awareness of the Pararoos and tell their story.

The Pararoos is Australia’s national team for people with cerebral palsy and other disabilities.  More information about the Pararoos can found here  All proceeds from ticket sales will go directly to the Pararoos to support them on their journey to qualify for the World Cup next year.