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Parkinson's Groups

We offer two different exercise sessions for people with Parkinson's - PD45 and PD60



Do you feel you’re getting enough targeted exercise? We know exercise is helpful at slowing the progression of Parkinsons Disease and our PD45 exercise group is directed at newly diagnosed clients who only experience minor symptoms. It is a high intensity class that focuses on the symptoms of lack of arm swing, reduced stamina, stiffness and slowness, reduced dexterity as well as reduced aerobic fitness. We know aerobic exercise promotes neurogenesis, the production of new brain cells, and has neuroprotective capacity. The class uses a lot of boxing, strength and balance work and is a great way to meet other motivated people with PD.  We limit this class to 8 people.



Our other Parkinson’s exercise class is more suited to people with movement difficulties. It is a circuit-based class that focuses on the amplitude of movement, encompassing functional exercises that focus on the quality and size of your movements as well as resistance and cardio training. We can adapt the exercises to suit your current level, and you will be encouraged to work as hard as you can. The higher the intensity, the better your movements will be! We limit this class to 4 people only, so you can get the support and assistance you need to achieve great quality movements.




If you want a more focused program to get you moving better, we also offer LSVT Big, and evidence based, standardised 4 week exercise program where you attend for one hour 4 times per week. Individualisedsessions focus on high amplitude movements and integrate functional tasks personalised to you. Includes your initial assessment and post assessment, where we complete a selection of baseline measurements assessing your gait, mobility, balance and activities of daily living.