“Physiotherapists are highly qualified health professionals who work in partnership with their patients to help people get better and stay well.”
— Australian Physiotherapy Association

At Neurospace we work with you to holistically assess, diagnose, develop a plan, and provide treatments to help solve the problem you want help with. We also consider other things we can do to help your overall wellbeing. We aim to give you benefits for the short term to solve the immediate problem, but also something that will be beneficial throughout your life.

We follow an impairment-based approach to assessment in trying to understand the cause of the movement disorder or pain problem you have. We work across a wide spectrum of health conditions and the approach we use follows a set of principles that we apply to all clients. These principles include your biomechanical alignment, spatial awareness, stability in your base of support, core strength and control, and layering the complexity of movements.

  • For the neurological client our assessment will focus on sensation, strength, co-ordination, joint range of movement and movement control.
  • For the person with pain or joint issues we focus on biomechanical alignment, strength and movement control.
  • For the dizzy person we encompass all of the above, with the focus varying depending on the symptoms that are reported.
  • For the older person facing falls risks we are considering all of the above with a functional and environmental focus.

We also consider a range of other factors beyond the physical including your health conditions, medications, lifestyle and psychosocial wellbeing.

We individualize your treatment and use evidence-based approaches to get the best outcome for you. We identify your potential to achieve your goals and empower you to be an active participant in your therapy. Treatments focus on managing the impairments (eg strength, range of movement) and integrating these improvements into functional tasks and activities. We combine both hands-on therapy with exercises and advice to help you reach your health goals. We also use laser therapy to enhance healing and function of both nerves and other structures.

We work closely with the rest of our team members and liaise with your GPs and specialists to provide patient-focused care.