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We have come across a great new “walking cycle” that helps people with limited mobility to get them out into the community and moving more….

The Petra race runner ™ allows supported walking and running designed to allow those with limited mobility in legs to be able to use what they have and improve on this.   The beauty is the sizing from children to adults, and the range of environments the race runner goes in.   The action is upright and walking, quite different from cycling. Being upright with weight bearing through the legs will improve balance, leg strength and co-ordination, and endurance for standing and transfer tasks. This allows more potential to transfer the movements into every day activities.

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Designed in Denmark and in use since at least 2010, the use race runner is now going to be used in Para athletics


Dejay medical offer the opportunity to trial this in Australia.

Working with your physio and the sales representative allows you to get the best device for your needs and the right training to optimise your performance with the new equipment.