The recovery from a stroke continues for a lifetime. If the nervous system is altered from a stroke, there are initial compensations, and then recovery of the nervous system to replace or regenerate what was damaged. Just like us all, the whole body system will continue to change with the activity and learning we do. If there is positive information and learning going into the brain, there will be changes and improvements. If there is nothing or inappropriate learning going into the system , there will be deterioration (weakness, contracture, less capacity and participation in activities).

At Neurospace we work with you to optimize the function of your nervous system, restore strength and control, and minimize contracture. We retrain movements affected by the stroke to allow maximum participation in everyday activities.

Our focus may include:

  • Structural alignment: We try for the best biomechanical alignment from the feet up through to the head, to optimize the capacity of your muscles and improve ease of movement. This may include hands-on work, splinting, and will be integrated into the exercise plans designed for you.
  • Strengthening: Graded strengthening from initial activation (where almost nothing is firing in the muscles) to working with weights will be needed as you recover. This is integrated into functional activity as much as possible, such as moving in bed, standing up, walking, and reaching activities.
  • Range of movement: Joints and muscles will often tighten and contract post stroke. We try to keep structures mobile to make muscle activity easier, and to help structural alignment.
  • Sensation: Post-stroke there are changes in most of the body sensory systems that help direct the control of muscles, our ability to use the space around us confidently and the capacity to learn. We place an emphasis on improving the amount of sensory information available, the accuracy of this information and ability to use it in the performance of every day activities.
  • Movement retraining: We take a functional approach to relearning movement. We try to progressively improve the quality of the movement in tandem with gains in strength and motor control. The focus of the movement is graded for your ability and progressions planned to meet the overall goal.

We offer services with our multidisplinary team: physiotherapy, exercise physiology, occupational therapy, and speech pathology. We work closely with other allied health providers in the community including podiatrists, orthotists, dieticians and behavioural optometrists. We seek to stay in close communication with your specialist medical team.

We will work with you in our specialized gym, in either individual consultations or small group work. We also offer hydrotherapy and community visits as required.

We pride ourselves on being innovative in our approach and working collaboratively with you and your support team to get the best results.