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I had with me today a youngish couple, and they needed help. Bruce started having balance issues two years ago, till he gradually stopped walking freely and started using a walking frame. In February he received a diagnosis of Cerebellar ataxia. Bruce is only 49 years old and has stopped work due to increasing difficulties. In getting that diagnosis Bruce has been to endless doctors, neurologists, had extensive testing including 5 MRIs. In all that searching, no one has suggested having neurological physiotherapy input. No one has suggested that change would be possible to make their lives easier and stop the slow deterioration. Bruce and his wife had tears in their eyes as they discussed their frustration with the system. In today’s session we were able to identify clear things to change and give them strategies to start improving his safety in transfers and walking. We are confident over the next 2 months there will a significant difference in his abilities and capacity to move around.

The question remains, why is specialised assessment so undervalued, and the role of physiotherapy and exercise not recognised in all neurological disorders? Neurospace has been here for 8 years and we continue to grow and make in difference in the lives of people with complex movement issues.