Peripheral Neuropathies

Peripheral neuropathy is the loss of strength or sensation due to degeneration of small nerve fibres. This is often secondary to diabetes or chemotherapy. The neuropathy has a significant effect on balance due to not knowing where the body is in space, not being able to grade motor responses effectively, or to generate enough force.

Another effect of a neuropathy is pain. The pain can cause disruption to sleep and general discomfort.

We use some novel approaches to help with regaining function where there is a neuropathy including improving sensory input and specific closed chain exercises for the legs or arms, and movement retraining. We have found there is neural improvement when using both the gigalaser and the small lasers at dosage aimed to stimulate the small nerve fibres. These approaches have also been found to help reduced the pain.

We are happy to help assess and manage issues you may be having with your peripheral neuropathy.